What have you been doing recently?

Recently, I moved house! It has been a very exciting and tiring time to say the least. For some time my husband and I had been throwing the idea back and forth about moving but never really gotten it past the point of just talking about doing it.

Then, last month my husband was talking to his friend who happens to be a realtor. His friend was complaining that he didn’t have many clients at that moment and my husband joked about how we could be his clients because we had been wanting to move. His friend very seriously said, “No problem, if you would like, I would be able to get you into a new place in two weeks!” Honestly, I thought he was probably exaggerating when he had said that, but over the next few days the both of us received messages from him insisting we show him links to places we liked or that we come over to his office and look together.

We were both free just before the new year, so we went to his office and looked at a couple places that day, one of which we absolutely fell in love with. We applied for the place the following day but it was a couple of days before New Year’s so about a week later we heard back. We got the place, but with the condition that we had to move in within two weeks. After that we were in almost a mad rush to either pack or get rid of unneeded things. In between work and on the weekends was all the time we had so it felt so hectic, but we somehow managed to do it.

Move-In day was a whole different story though. We found a cheap moving company and they managed to deliver most of our things, except they refused to move our refrigerator, saying that it would be impossible to go up the stairs without damaging something. The refrigerator was a wedding gift from my in-laws, so we were not willing to part with it. My husband quickly found someone who could move the refrigerator and it actually only took them a total of 15 minutes to do, but at the steep price of an extra \15,000. Luckily, both of my in-laws also stopped by and helped us either unload boxes or helped us buy home essentials.

Since then, we have been steadily unpacking, rearranging, and buying new furniture so my husband can finally have his own office to work from. While we are not one hundred percent finished yet it’s been really fun to be able to have a bigger place that we can really make our own. Before, we had been living in a one-room apartment, so to now live in a place with three separate floors, and to have so much space feels really nice. I’m excited for when we’re finally finished decorating because then I want to invite our friends and family over to finally have a nice place to entertain them.



to say the least (idiom) - to politely say that a situation is more extreme or serious than you say it is, or when you could have used a stronger expression instead
throw an idea back and forth (idiom) – to exchange various ideas, points, arguments, etc., usually before making a decision
realtor (noun) - a person who acts as an agent for the sale or purchase of buildings and land
mad rush (idiom) – to be in a hurry to do something
hectic (adjective) - overly busy or full of activity