What did you do last weekend?

Last weekend was simply epic. It was an incredible weekend filled with great memories and probably one of the best weekends ever. I was able to cross two items off my bucket list, a list of all the things I want to do before I’m no longer able to.

I decided to make a bucket list a few months ago. I then decided the steps I needed to take in achieving these goals. The first ones I decided to try were bungee jumping and swimming with sharks. I asked my best friend to join me and to my surprise she said yes without a second thought. So, I booked a trip to the Caribbean.

Last week we took that trip to the Caribbean and went to Jamaica and Costa Rica. We started off in Jamaica and we booked a really nice all-inclusive hotel in Ocho Rios. It was lovely relaxing to reggae music and eating jerk chicken. The beaches were simply beautiful and the atmosphere of the island was very relaxing. We stayed in Jamaica for 4 days and that is where I swam with the sharks. It was rather scary at first but then that fear quickly changed into excitement. We then went to Monteverde in Costa Rica. It was so peaceful and we really enjoyed the scenery but the main attraction was going bungee jumping. I must say that last weekend provided quite an adrenaline rush.


epic (adjective) – very good, impressive or great fun
without a second thought (phrase) – to do something without first considering if you should or not