The Pros And Cons of Group Tours

Group tours. Some people love them, and some others ask, “Why are they still a thing?”

Growing up in an Asian family, I’ve always felt like group tours were the norm when we wanted to travel. It was also before the age of computers and the internet, so what options were available if a working middle-class family wanted to travel without spending too much time planning? Group tours!

The biggest merit to using group tours is the fact that all you really have to do was pay money and go. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of plans travelers can choose from that best suit their needs. Travel agencies plan the itinerary and arrange all the reservations and visa applications on your behalf. You don’t need to know anything about the place you’re going to, or even the local language, since group tours come with a tour guide to tell you everything you need to know and more. There are also plenty of discount options for big groups and special deals that are only available to travel agents. You can save money for anything from admission tickets to hotels and flights.

Group tours are especially great for busy, young families who want to go somewhere on vacation, but don’t have the time to make an elaborate vacation plan. Group tours are also good for the elderly, who may not be tech savvy enough to book and plan everything themselves.

However, the number of people signing up for group tours has been decreasing in the past decade or so. The biggest reason is likely because people, especially the younger generation, now value freedom more than anything. Group tours often have tight schedules that you must follow to the letter, which means you may not have enough time to enjoy the activity or destination you care about. The lack of freedom means you can’t skip places you couldn’t care less about, or choose restaurants you actually want to eat at.

Both have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day what matters most is that you have an amazing time.



elaborate (adj.) ? having many parts that are carefully arranged or planned
to the letter (idiom) ? exactly or precisely
couldn’t care less (idiom) ? not at all interested in or concerned about something