It’s the end of the world as we know it…

I would like to be optimistic and say that I would fight my way through a huge number of zombies coming at me at full force, but I am realistic and I know I would die. In fact, I would probably be one of the first to be bitten and I would be wandering around in a state of perpetual hunger and mindlessness.

How bleak!

However, this is supposed to be a story about how I would survive so let’s try to be a bit more positive and paint a picture of success. The first thing I would do would be to prepare. If you ever watch a zombie movie, the first people that die are those that are woefully unprepared. How would I prepare? I would develop useful skills and surround myself with others that have also acquired skills that would be useful for our survival. For example, my friend Jun is a commercial pilot. At some point in most zombie films, the characters have to steal some sort of plane and fly off somewhere. Having Jun to fly a hypothetical plane would be very useful.

I, myself, do not have any relevant skills that would help in survival, but I feel I am very quick and I am also a really good shooter in many first-person-shooter games. Therefore, I would probably be in charge of weapons and ammo and make sure we are constantly stocked. How would we get this ammo? I have not thought that far ahead yet, but I feel sometimes things are best done at the time of the situation. Spontaneity leads to wild success in this case.

Another thing I would do is set up some sort of mobile fortress. One thing that most characters do is try to hunker down in some sort of fortified house surrounded with barbed wire and planks of wood to keep things out. However, unless you have a steady access to food and water then you are pretty much setting yourself up for failure. However, a giant bus that has been outfitted to be a sort of tank would allow you to travel from place to place and still provide protection. Should resources run out, you can travel to another place.

Now I know that you are wondering where I will get all of this gasoline in order to run said truck and I am hoping by the time zombies attack, solar powered cars will be the norm and I will not have to stress about finding an ever-diminishing fuel source.

I feel that a team of five would be ideal and would provide enough manpower in order to survive together. Too small of a group and it is dangerous. Too large and you risk dealing with too much drama. Five is a good prime number and I feel with one person as the leader – not myself – then we would have increased the odds of surviving the end of the world.

Honestly, this entire piece of writing is absolute fiction. I would never survive past a day should this happen, and I have accepted my doom. I would not want to live in a world with zombies roaming around. I am very much a city girl and imagining a life without electricity or running water horrifies me!


perpetual (adjective) – never ending or changing
bleak (adj.) – sad, depressing; having little or no hope for the future
woefully (adverb) – in a manner expressing sorrow or misery
spontaneity (noun) – the condition of doing something without a plan
hunker down (verb) – to take shelter, hide, or stay in one place for a long period of time
diminish (verb) – to make something become smaller or less