Help From Strangers

I have been helped by strangers, on trains or in stations, in Japan several times. One of those times was as I was disembarking from a train on the Yamanote Line. I think it was at Shinjuku Station, but I am not exactly sure now. At that time I had dropped my gloves on the train without realizing it and was walking towards the stairs on the platform. A gentleman picked them up and got off the train and managed to catch my attention and return them to me. He then quickly left; I believe to get back on the train before it left. Another time was in Tamachi Station. I was walking towards the turnstiles when another gentleman caught my attention and returned to me a baguette that had somehow fallen out of my stuffed bag without me noticing.

Each of these times I was grateful and it was nice that these people, despite not appearing to speak English, still tried to help me. Some days I feel negative about people and the society they create, but it is nice to be reminded that many people are very kind and caring. I think these are good examples of kind strangers taking a moment out of their busy day to help someone. I hope neither of them missed their trains.



disembark (v) ? to get off of a train, plane, ship, etc.
turnstile (n) ? a gate at an entrance that has arms which turn around and that allows only one person at a time to pass through
stuffed (adj.) ? filled with material or things