What kind of pet would you like to have in the future? What would you name him or her?

I used to think that if I could have any pet that I wanted, that I would want a dog. Having said that, I think that I have recently changed my mind about this. There are a couple reasons for this. First of all, I think that it is a bit difficult to own a dog in a big city such as Tokyo. It’s a fact that most apartments and condominiums in Tokyo do not allow large pets such as dogs. Large pets, such as cats and dogs, can cause damage to the apartment as well as disturb neighbors by making noise. In addition to this, apartment sizes in Tokyo tend to be smaller than those of other countries like the US. They also typically do not have a sizeable yard or garden space for the dog to play in. Lastly, the streets in Tokyo are busy and narrow. I think it is difficult to walk a dog in Tokyo without disturbing or bothering other pedestrians.

It is for these reasons that I have recently changed my mind about what kind of pet I would like to have. I have started keeping a new pet in my home this year. Recently, due to Covid-19 (just like many other people), I have found myself spending more time at home. As a result, my wife and I have been renovating our apartment, buying new furniture, and we both decided to get a fish tank for our home with, of course, a fish. The kind of fish that we got is called a betta fish. It is a very colorful, tropical freshwater fish. I never thought that I would be interested in keeping fish as pets, but after getting this fish I have found myself to like it as a pet more and more. For instance, it does really seem like the fish has a personality of its own and always seems to be excited when either my wife or I come home or when it is feeding time.

As I mentioned before, the fish that we have is a freshwater fish, meaning that in nature it lives in places such as rivers or lakes. Recently, my wife and I have been thinking about getting another fish for our apartment. However, this time we are thinking about getting a saltwater fish instead. If we do that, it will mean that we would have to get a separate tank for each fish as, of course, as you cannot keep freshwater and saltwater fish together in the same tank.

One fish that we are considering for our next fish is called the Bicolor Dottyback. It is a very small saltwater fish that lives amongst coral reefs. Despite its size, it is a very colorful and beautiful fish. It is also a little bit more expensive than the first fish that we purchased.

There is actually a really great fish and aquarium store in Ginza. The store’s name is “Paupau Aqua Garden” and I think that it might be the largest fish and aquarium shop in all of Japan. The shop is actually two stories high and has so many products and accessories for keeping fish as pets. What’s more, the store also has the largest variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish that I have ever seen; they have so many beautiful fish as well as ones that I have never even seen before! If anyone is perhaps interested in keeping fish as pets, I would highly recommend a visit to this store.



condominium (n) – a building where each set of rooms or apartment is owned by the people who live there
pedestrian (n) – a person who is walking in an area; someone who is not traveling in a vehicle
bicolor (adj.) – having two colors
story (n) – a group of rooms or an area that forms one level or floor of a building