The only constant in life is change.

Change is something that we all experience in some way or another, from small changes to big changes. Change is present in everything we can possibly experience and affects us in some form at various stages in our lives. However, to say that change is the only constant in life may be an exaggeration to some, while others would argue that it is true.

People experience change quite often, ranging from things such as trying a new food, to starting a new job, to getting married and so on. It is utterly impossible to avoid or prevent change from happening in your life. Even if you were to stay at home all the time in one room, eat the same food, talk to nobody, and only do work online, something will happen that will cause change. This can be something as dramatic as an earthquake happening that will break/damage your computer, house etc. It could also be something such as needing to order something to your house, which would involve communicating with people/companies you do not normally do so with, which is a small form of change.

Even for people, things, or places unrelated to Earth, change is a constant. The sun keeps burning but will eventually change and die out a few million years from now. Space is always expanding, which is also a form of change as it is never the same for long. Change can be heavily influenced by what we do, what we say and even by what we think. Change is unavoidable, no matter who or where you are.

While this is true, it is highly debatable. It is a constant in life, but does it mean that it is the only one? Other areas to consider are factors that are not related to or even influenceable by you. Is the idea of society a constant? It is everywhere, and seemingly will be for as long as there is life. Is life necessary for it to be a constant, or would something such as the void of space be the only constant that always has existed and always will, other than change itself? These are the questions that come to mind when broaching the topic that is presented by Heraclitus. While it is not too difficult to think of questions or arguments to this topic, it is very difficult to find or think of a satisfying answer.

Overall, I disagree with Heraclitus`s idea that change is the only constant in life. While I do agree it is a rather dominant constant in life, there are others that must be considered or discussed. While this is a rather fascinating topic to me, it is not something that you should overthink at the same time. Change happens, in good and bad ways, and that is life. While ideas and theories such as this can always be argued or debated, life goes on and we shouldn’t let it be a negative influence on us. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?



exaggeration (noun) – a statement or description that makes something seem larger, better, worse or more important than it really is
utterly (adverb) – absolutely, completely
influenceable (adjective) – capable of being changed
void (noun) – a completely empty space
broach (verb) – to begin talking about a subject that is difficult to discuss, especially because it is embarrassing or because people disagree about it