My Adventure Buying a Bed

The mattress I had been using previously was getting old and the springs were losing their tension (“bounce”) so I decided to buy a new one. As I was about to invest a significant amount of money on a new mattress I decided to upgrade my bed frame as well and get an entirely new bed.

I started looking around at different stores in the Tokyo area that sell beds. I ended up going to four main shops; IKEA, Muji, Nitori and IDC Otsuka. (I have since learned that there are some stores that specialize in mattresses but that they are more frequently found outside the city.)

Ikea had a wide selection and had more fashionable bed frames than the other stores, however I did not like their mattresses. They didn’t feel very supportive. IDC Otsuka had many good quality mattresses but the vast majority were imported and the price tag reflected this (the cost was on average between 200,000 to 500,000yen which, needless to say, was out of my budget). When it came to mattresses, I felt that Nitori was the best combination of quality and price.

In the end, after quite a bit of investigating, I opted to buy the mattress from Nitori and the bedframe from Ikea. I bought the frame first and decided to forego the assembly charge by putting it together myself which saved me 10,000yen but took the better part of a day.

It then took me a couple more weeks to pick out a mattress as I wanted to be sure to get the right one. (I was sleeping on a futon on a wooden floor in the interim, not the most comfortable to say the least.) Unfortunately, when it did finally come it felt very different to the display one I had tried in store and after sleeping on it for a couple nights, I realized it was not the right one for me.

Luckily, an exchange is possible within a limited time frame and I was able to go back to the shop and exchange it for another mattress. While I had not wanted to have to do this, as it is a bit of a pain (for both me and the company) I am glad that I was able to exchange it and get a more suitable mattress. All is well that ends well! Now to finally enjoy a good night’s rest, z.z.z.z.z……