If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I imagine that as children, we have all wanted to have a superpower. At first, having a superpower sounds like a fantastic idea. I mean, who wouldn't want to be able to fly through the air or move things with their mind. However, when you think about it as an adult, it becomes a bit more complex as a lot of superpowers are highly problematic and some are downright dangerous.

Take for example, the ability to read people's minds. This might make for interesting movie plots, but in real life such a power would be an ethical minefield. I mean, what a huge invasion of privacy! Take also the ability to change your appearance to look like other people, a power known as shape shifting. I mean you might be able to have some fun with that, but you could also start a world war or do basically anything and get away with it. It is identity theft on a whole new level. I certainly wouldn't want to have these superpowers and I'm glad that they don't really exist! Even Elsa from Frozen's superpower of controlling ice, that could be so much fun, making it snow, creating beautiful ice statues and so on, as we see in the movies is also very problematic and dangerous.

Therefore, if I could have a superpower, what one would I actually want? It is a much harder question than it seems to be on the surface. Being able to fly would be amazing. I could easily travel the world, see breathtaking scenery, just pop over to see my family in Australia anytime I wanted and maybe even save people! Even better, being able to fly in space as well, like Captain Marvel! No studying for years to join NASA's space program, I could just pop over to the moon whenever I was in the mood. However, I am afraid of heights, and I am worried my ears would hurt with all the air pressure changes. Because of that, maybe I should give this superpower a miss. In the X-Men series, one of the characters is able to move super fast. If I had that power, I could do so many things so much more quickly and would have so much more free time. I could do the housework and cooking at lightning speed and I could read a book in seconds. Being able to talk to animals would be kind of cool, but it would make me look pretty crazy. Super strength is another obvious choice, which would be of endless usefulness. I mean these are all amazing powers and could be of so much use to others and myself.

However, if I may be absolutely selfish for a moment and think only of myself, I honestly think having the superpower of 'getting ready the morning without doing anything' is one of the most appealing to me right now. What I mean is, my body being able to magically wash itself, clean my teeth, do my hair, make me look like I'm wearing makeup and even change my clothes without me actually doing any of it. Sorry, this is a far cry from saving the world and it might not make for an interesting movie, but this superpower sure would be wonderful.


problematic (adj.) – difficult to deal with or to understand; full of problems; not certain to be successful
downright (adv.) - used as a way of emphasizing something negative or unpleasant
minefield (noun) – a situation that contains hidden dangers or difficulties
pop over (idiom) – to go (somewhere) briefly for some purpose
a far cry from (exp.) – very different from