Tips for Saving Money

It’s hard to disagree that Tokyo is an incredible city. The sheer number of people and businesses that are here has created a marvelous network of technology, culture and entertainment.

All of its benefits however, come at a cost. I mean, literally. The price of living in Tokyo is of course higher than the price of living in many other areas. This is to be expected of this kind of city, though. Having lived in London for 3 years during my time at university, I can confirm that it’s very much the same situation there. Considering how much it costs to live in a place like Tokyo, I think most people could do with saving some money here or there.

Now, I’m not exactly the most financially clever person myself, but I think I can make a few suggestions that might help you save money in the future.

Firstly, I recommend trying to cook your own food as much as possible, if that’s something that is possible for you. When you’re out in the middle of Tokyo on a working day, it can be very easy to go to a convenience store to grab a bite to eat. Convenience stores are generally quite cheap, but buying ingredients at a supermarket and preparing lunches yourself will definitely save you bits of money here and there. The same situation applies to restaurants. Even if you’re going to a ‘cheap’ restaurant, which may seem like only a small expenditure, if you’re going there every day then it slowly adds up to a large amount every month. I’m saying this as a person who goes to the convenience store to get his lunch almost every day I work. I need to practice what I preach.

Secondly, I suggest coming up with a goal that you can save money towards. If you’re just trying to save money without having any clear purpose in mind, it might be difficult for you to create the motivation you need to not spend money on small, temporary things like eating an expensive burger, spending a couple of hours too long at karaoke with your friends or buying that new video game that you just need to play. For example, if you’re saving up for a new pair of boots that’ll last you through many winters, you should think about how useful they will be in the long term, and how much better off you will be by having them. That thought might help you save up the money you need to buy them.

Saving money is hard, especially in a city of temptations like Tokyo. There are so many things you can spend your money on here, and those things are often expensive. However, being able to save money is a valuable life skill that may be tough in the short term, but will benefit you and potentially others in the long run. Those cozy winter boots that you are wearing, the ones you worked hard to save up for, are likely to bring you much more happiness than all those overpriced burgers you’re no longer tasting.



can do with (exp.) ? to benefit from; to be in need of
expenditure (n) ? something you spend money on
practice what one preaches (idiom) ? to follow the same advice as one gives
temporary (adj.) ? lasting for only a limited amount of time; not permanent
temptation (n) ? a thing that attracts or entices someone