Event That Changed My Life

Coming to Japan was perhaps the best decision I have made in my life.

Reading the first sentence may have made you curious. We always want to take opportunities to travel but leaving one’s home country for an extended period of time? It seems absurd. To be honest, before coming to live here I had never been to Japan. I had only learned about various aspects through first-hand experiences, books, animation or other various forms of media. I wondered about what Japan would actually be like if I went. However, as scared as I felt about leaving my home, I wanted to come here no matter what. Therefore, a year after graduation, I took the plunge and made my way over to this beautiful country.

What a shocking revelation it was! The way the city looked was amazing to me, from the airport to the atmosphere of the city of Yokohama (my first destination). It was modern but traditional at the same time. The beauty of each person who passed by was different from the people who lived in America. Neither was better; both had their own quirks. Japan is wonderful but the reason why my life changed was because I was exposed to a different culture from my own and different from my expectations. I was able to open my eyes to something different. Having an open mind and open heart has allowed me to teach in the same way and adjust my teaching skills to each person.



take the plunge (idiom) ? to make a decision to do something, especially after thinking about it for a long time
revelation (v) ? a usually secret or surprising fact that is made known