My Favorite Thing To Do When I Have a Moment To Myself

My favorite thing to do when I have a moment to myself varies from day to day. Recently I have been writing down my goals for the week in a tiny notebook and checking off the completed items one at a time. I usually complete two or three of my tasks every night. This is assuming that a ‘moment’ is 15 to 30 minutes.

I try my best to stay away from doing things that would be considered a waste of time such as scrolling through general social media platforms endlessly on my smartphone. If I were a social media influencer then I would partake in that activity without giving it a second thought. This is simply my attempt to be more productive.

On the flip side I also try to refrain from doing things I love such as producing music or working on my various websites because once I start I will not stop even to use the restroom or eat. Many find this type of focus unhealthy and maybe it is. I only do things that I love to do when I have a full day to dedicate to them. Another thing I like to do when I have a short moment to myself is practice Japanese, although I study many words and can only remember one or two words per day.



partake (v) ? join in (an activity); participate
give a second thought (idiom) ? to think or worry about something (used in negative sentences)
on the flip side (idiom) ? conversely; on the other hand