We’ll Take the Next One

One of the things I appreciate most about living in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area is its abundant public transportation. From trains to taxis to buses to subways, there are always convenient ways to get from one place to another. However, my wife and I choose to walk instead. So much is missed when you hop on a train and bury your face in your smartphone.

My wife and I, once we have decided our destination, will set off on foot. We know that there is always a bus stop or station along the way so if we grow too tired or short on time we can simply hop on a bus or train. However as we walk on we simply say, “we’ll take the next one”. We never do. We, more often than not, walk the entire way.

As we walk we discover new shops, restaurants, parks and people that we would have otherwise passed right on by. While we are out walking we discover aspects and sites that we had never noticed before and I get to learn more about the place where we live.

We use the expression “we’ll take the next one” while we are traveling in other cities too. The best way to see a new city is on foot. We can find the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants or stumble upon shops not listed in any travel guides by walking. A lot is missed by traveling under the city by subway compared to walking through it. I find most trains and buses look the same on the inside regardless of what city I’m in. It’s the city outside that is meant to be seen. So next time you travel maybe try to “take the next one” and see where your feet take you. You’ll also save a bunch on train fare!