What is the best road trip you have ever been on?

When I was 13 years old, I went on a road trip with my friends that began in California and would end with us in Montana. It took two days to drive there but this road trip did not merely end upon arriving in Montana. In fact, reaching Montana was only the beginning of this adventure we had.

For a year we had been planning this trip, and the purpose was to be able to cycle a section of the Lewis and Clarke trails that ran through Montana. My junior high school history teacher was an avid cyclist, and he combined his passion of cycling and history to start a club on our campus.
In the club we would go cycling together on the weekends, and on the weekdays we did research about cycling and the famous explorers Lewis and Clarke. By the end of the year we had our summer trip planned.

By car we stopped in Nevada and then the following day made it to Montana. Once we were in Montana we were there for a total of 10 days, every morning cycling through the trails and every night resting at a new campground. I saw such incredible scenery and got to experience camping for the first time. We had to pitch our own tents and each night take turns cooking food for one another.

In the middle of our trip, we had a rest day to explore Montana and some famous museums that held incredible information on Lewis and Clarke. In grand total we had cycled a total of 166 miles, or 267km, in that 10-day period. Honestly, this was an extraordinary feat for me, because prior to this trip I had never even ridden a bicycle. I had come a long way. I had learned so many amazing things, achieved so many things, and the best part about it all was I did it with my best friends. Yes, when we first heard about this club in class my best friend at the time roped me in to joining it with her. Then just as quickly she recruited all of our other close friends and the five of us had formed this inseparable team. Through the whole course of getting ready for this road trip I gained so many amazing memories and experiences.

But of course, the best part was truly last. Actually, going on this trip. I got to challenge myself in so many ways and to do it with my friends at a time of my life where I was just slowly beginning to grow up, I believe it had a good impact on a lot of parts of me. Therefore, while this may not have been the most conventional of road trips in the sense of the word, it was definitely my best and most memorable. It also helped me realize that the old saying really is true; you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


avid (adjective) - very enthusiastic about something (often a hobby)
pitch (verb) - to set up a tent or a camp for a short time
rope into (idiom) – to persuade or force someone to do or participate in something
inseparable (adjective) - unable to be taken apart or separated