Your Dream Vacation

It is difficult to talk about my dream vacation. There are so many places I want to go but have never been, so picking one place is very difficult. If I had unlimited money and time, I would spend my time traveling the world and see all the different countries and learn about different cultures. One thing I would really like to do for any vacation is to spend a long time in the country, for example one to six months so I would have time to learn more about the culture and maybe learn a little about the language.

One country I definitely would like to visit for a long time is France. There are several reasons I would like to visit France. The first is I know a little French but it has been about 15 years since I spoke it much. My French is very rusty and I would like to brush up on it. The second is that when I was at university I was very interested in French Enlightenment era history and would like to have time to go to important historical places and study about the period.

Another place I would like to visit is Thailand. This is because I love spicy Thai food. Green curry is my favorite dish so I would like to try authentic Thai cuisine. Also, I hear that Bangkok has a very interesting and vibrant street life. I’ve always loved interesting and complex cities with many hidden shops and corners. I think there would be a lot to do in Thailand.

Other countries I’d like to visit and explore are Greece and Turkey. When I was a middle and high school student, I was very interested in Greek history and mythology. I would like to see many famous historical sites in Greece such as the Parthenon and other old buildings. Also, I hear that Istanbul is a very interesting city because of its long history and the way it combines Greek, Roman and Turkish cultures.

There are also countries I have visited already but that I would like to spend more time in so that I could get to know the food, history and culture better. One of these is Morocco. I visited Morocco many years ago but didn’t have time to see everything I wanted to see. One town I would like to visit but could not before is Chefchaouen, the famous “blue city” of Morocco where all the walls are painted blue. Another reason is that I would like to spend more time in the city of Fez. The city has a wonderful ancient feel to it with old medieval streets and beautiful buildings. Also, the food is cheap and very tasty; you can have a feast for next to nothing.

Another county I’d like to visit again is Italy. Like Greece, I was very interested in ancient Roman history and mythology as a high school student so I would like to have more time to explore Italy. I even studied a little Latin in high school, although I don’t really remember anything. I’d like to visit many old Roman historical sites and learn more about the history.

Overall my dream vacation would be for me to just travel for the rest of my life seeing and exploring many new and interesting cultures, learning new languages and learning about history.



rusty (adj.) ? impaired by lack of recent practice
brush up (on) (phr. v) ? to improve one’s existing knowledge or skill in a particular area
mythology (n) ? a set of ancient stories about gods and brave people (usually exaggerated or fictitious), often ones that explain an event in history or the natural world
feast (n) ? a large meal, especially to celebrate something special
next to nothing (idiom) ? almost nothing; a very small amount
ancient (adj.) ? from a long time ago