My Recommended TV Show To Watch

A TV show that I’ve been watching recently, and that I would like to recommend to you is Queer Eye. Queer Eye is a TV series on Netflix that currently has 2 seasons. It’s a show hosted by five gay men referred to as the ‘Fabulous 5’ or ‘Fab 5’ for short. Each host has their own specialty that they use to contribute to the show. These specialties are clothes, hair and grooming, interior design, culture and cooking.

The idea of the show is that in each episode there is a nominee who is visited by the Fab 5. The nominee is generally a person whose life is a bit of a mess. Perhaps this is because they don’t take care of themselves or the place they live, or maybe it is because they are experiencing something difficult in life and want some help. There are many episodes and the nominees in each episode have a different story and need help in different areas of their life. The Fab 5, upon visiting the nominee, typically in their house, are shocked by what they see, and dedicate their skills and specialties to redesigning the way this person dresses, acts, cooks and does other things.

As a viewer it is a very satisfying show to watch because seeing people have their homes, wardrobes and attitudes taken down and rebuilt is a fun and interesting process. It also feels motivational in that it makes you think about changes that you could make to improve your own style, situation and life in general.

I recommend this show to you for multiple reasons:

Firstly, I think that the show is very easy to watch. There are various popular TV shows to choose to spend your valuable free time watching. There’s a show for pretty much whatever mood you’re in. If you want to spend time watching a longer series with an epic, action-packed story, then there are options for that. If you want to spend your time in a more relaxed way, watching something that you don’t need to fret about missing small details with, then I think Queer Eye is a great TV show for that.

The episodes are all interesting, but if you got up to make yourself a cup of coffee and came back (and left the episode running in the meantime), you wouldn’t have missed anything that was absolutely necessary to enjoy the episode as a whole. Whereas a TV show with a big focus on the storytelling is more suited for concentrated viewing, Queer Eye is a show that you can tune in and out of, missing details from time to time, and still enjoy.

Secondly, I think you can learn a lot about various topics from watching the show. Not only can you follow the advice given by the Fab 5, but you can also listen to them discussing things like what it’s like to be gay and Christian, or what it’s like to be a transgender person.

Whilst I sing Queer Eye’s praises, it’s of course not for everyone, so I recommend you try the first episode and see what you think. If you enjoy the first episode, I think there’s a good chance you’ll like the rest of the show!



nominee (n) ? a person who has been chosen for something
dedicate (v) ? devote or focus something to a particular task or purpose
fret (v) ? to worry or be concerned
epic (adj.) ? heroic or grand in scale or character
tune in (phr. v) ? to pay attention to something
sing one’s praises (idiom) ? to compliment and say positive things about something