My Night Routine

When I get home after a long day of work the first thing I need to do is find something to stop my stomach from growling! I usually feel quite famished after a busy day, so sometimes I go to the nearest supermarket to pick up some ingredients to make a hearty meal. I usually try to get a good balance of nutrients: vegetables, protein and grains! And of course, some chocolate ice cream on a hot summer evening is a nice pick me up.

Sometimes I think it is a good idea to get a head start on the next day the night before. If I have any leftover chores or unfinished work from the day, I will try to get it all finished before turning in for the night. I like to do a bit of cleaning, prepare my lunch for the next afternoon and hang my laundry out to dry on the balcony.

After I satisfy my hunger, if the weather is pleasant, I like to go for an evening stroll around my neighborhood. There is a long, lovely path along the riverside, a place frequented by runners and pet owners throughout the day. There is an array of different flowers sprouting alongside the pathway. From bright, tall sunflowers to purple and blue azaleas, the scenery is always changing depending on the season, but remains effortlessly beautiful.

I especially like walking in the evening, as the air is a lot cooler than during the day. It gives me a chance to clear my head, think about my plans for the future and forget about the challenges of the past. After about an hour, I head home to curl up under my blankets.

I usually like to watch a movie before going to sleep. Recently, website subscription services have made it really easy to binge watch a TV series, or watch a few movies, all night. Even being on the train during my commute has become a pleasure. With the click of a simple button I can stream a wide variety of entertainment, even when I am stuck on a crowded train. I think watching something entertaining at night is a good way to distract yourself from any worries you might have about the next day. I like to watch comedies at nighttime because they make me feel good. If I watch a horror movie or a serious dramatic movie, I might have trouble getting to sleep that night.

If there is one thing I can recommend after a stressful day, it’s taking a long relaxing bath. I like to collect bath bombs and add them to the bathwater to create a splendid swirl of bright colors in the water, and the soapy, sugary smell is quite pleasant.

I think it is very important to try to get as much rest as possible at nighttime. If you can get enough sleep at night, you are more likely to enjoy work the next day. If you can find a routine that works for you, then unwinding after work may just be one of the best parts of your day!



famished (adj.) ? extremely hungry
pick-me-up (n) ? something that makes you feel better
stroll (n) ? a short leisurely walk
binge watch (v) ? watch multiple episodes (of a television program) one after the other, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming