Best Thing to Do on a Rainy Day in Tokyo

Rain in Tokyo can be quite a pain. Because we have to walk everywhere, it’s hard to do anything without getting wet socks. Sometimes though, it is a sacrifice one must make. In order to minimize the amount of wetness, I think the best thing to do is to explore your own neighborhood. You may live in a suburb with many apartments and houses but there could be spots like a small restaurant or store that you may not have known was there! Recently I went around my neighborhood and found an all-you-can-eat pizza joint. Wow! I was ecstatic to stumble upon it as I love pizza. And on rainy days there is nothing better than pizza.

One place I really want to go to next time that it rains is the library. I haven’t had to chance to go to a Japanese library. I’m sure it’s no different than ones in America but I want to take a gander at the various Japanese books. Learning Japanese is hard but maybe I can take a look at some picture books. Also I wonder if I can study there. One thing I would like to do is study at the library, away from the distraction of my cats and video games.

Next time you have time on a rainy day, look around your neighborhood. Who knows what you might find!



joint (n) ? an informal restaurant
ecstatic (adj.) ? very happy or joyful
gander (n) ? a look at something