Tesla’s Recent News

The leading electric car manufacturer, Tesla, recently unveiled their new project on stage to the world. Presented by a founding member of the company, Elon Musk, the presentation made waves in the automotive world with its unusual and highly secretive project. The new car was unveiled as the new cybertruck, an electric pickup truck designed to be one of the safest kinds of trucks you can buy. Having a very sharp angular design and an unusual stainless steel body, it definitely has a unique design. Along with its unusual design, Elon Musk boasted about its state of the art security and strong protection. Tesla hopes this new pickup truck will be able to rival Ford’s line of best selling electric cars.

The reaction from the audience was immediately polarizing. Some people liked the very unusual futuristic design and concept, while others hated it, thinking it was ugly or unappealing. Perhaps this is a good thing, as it gets a lot of people to talk about it, and spreads awareness of the new truck. Whatever the case may be, it looks like nothing people have ever seen before. The presentation itself also followed a similar futuristic style, with many of the performers wearing futuristic clothes and acting in a very theatrical way.

The most expensive version of the truck will be able to carry 3,500 pounds, tow up to 14,000 pounds and go from zero to sixty in 2.9 seconds. It will also be able to drive for up to 500 miles on a full battery charge. It also has a competitive price in order to compete with other similar electric truck lines.

One of the key points of the presentation was to show just how safe the truck could be. Elon Musk provided various tests on how strong the truck is and compared the damage with a regular truck. This ranged from dropping heavy metal objects on the windshield glass, hitting the door with a sledgehammer many times and even using a firearm on the side windows. The tests proceeded well, however the final test ended in disaster when the truck’s ‘armored glass’ smashed on stage. It was an embarrassing moment for Tesla after they built up so much hype about the strength of the pickup truck.

However, Elon Musk took the failure in his stride and continued the presentation as planned, making light of the situation. He later responded to the disaster saying the reason the side windows broke was because the sledgehammer had weakened the glass inside the doorframe earlier. He also later added that the pickup truck’s design was intentionally strange for more news coverage and photos. This is believable, as Elon Musk has always enjoyed the limelight and enjoys playing up to the cameras in public events and online.

In either case, the presentation was enjoyed by many and was a good water cooler moment, with many people discussing the pickup truck and the presentation disaster. However, whether or not this will be enough for the truck to become a top seller in the future remains to be seen.



unveil (verb) ? to show or reveal (something) to others for the first time
state of the art (adjective phrase) ? in the most recent developmental stage with the newest ideas and features
polarizing (verb) ? causing (people, opinions, etc.) to separate into opposing groups
theatrical (adjective) ? behaving or done in a way that is meant to attract attention
hype (noun) ? talk or writing that is intended to make people excited
take something in one’s stride (idiom) ? deal with something difficult in a calm and accepting way