McDonald’s Showdown

It has recently been reported that in an area of Southern France a sinister robbery took place at one of the famous fast food chain establishments, McDonald`s.

According to the police, on February 5th, 2 men entered the restaurant with the intention of at first appearing as ordinary customers. Suddenly, one of the men pulled out a gun from his jacket pocket and pointed it at the roof of the restaurant and fired a warning shot into the air. He shouted and directed all of the customers to lie down on the floor and directed them not to get up.

The second man made his way to one of the cash registers, which he forced the staff to abandon then proceeded to stuff as much cash out of each register as he could into a big bag. He ended up taking about 2,000 euros worth of cash. As soon as he signaled to the other man that he grabbed the cash, the two of them dashed out the door and took off down the street.

However, in a stroke of pure luck for the company, there were a few other very special customers that happened to be visiting the establishment at that present time, and they proceeded to take action.

Out of the 40 customers currently in the building that day, 11 of them coincidently enough were members of a special forces unit, who were trained in hostage situations and strategies of terrorism. Out of the 11 plain clothed special forces members, 9 of them happened to be carrying a gun at that moment.

One of the special forces members was able to pin one of the criminals in a corner and disarm him. Another one of the members was able to stop the criminal but unfortunately was shot in the chest during the process. His selfless action was able to stop the criminals from getting away.

I think it was extremely brave of those special forces units to intervene and take control of the situation when they did. I think they probably saw it as their duty to protect the public no matter if they were on duty or off. It was a strange coincidence that the robbers happened to choose the restaurant that they did. No matter how much planning and effort they may have put into their robbery, there is no way they could have possibly predicted it would be filled with special forces members with highly specialized skills.

I am not sure if many people would have been brave enough to confront the criminals, especially if there was no incentive to intervene. Since the special force members were coincidently around, I think McDonald’s should provide them with a special reward for their outstanding act of bravery and selflessness.



intention (noun) – what you plan to do; your aim
a stroke of pure luck (idiom) – something good that happens to you completely by chance
coincidently (adverb) – in a way that results from chance despite being very unlikely
hostage (noun) – a person who is captured and held prisoner by a person or group, and who may be injured or killed if people do not do what the person or group is asking