What I do during my commute

During my commute I usually do various things on my smartphone. I have several smartphone apps that I like to use when I’m on the train.

Usually, the app I use the most is my news app. I’ve been a news junkie since I was a teenager. When I was a teenager I had subscriptions to two newspapers and one magazine. I am particularly interested in political news. I spend a lot of my free time reading about political news and events. The news sites I visit the most are CNN, BBC, the New York Times, and the Japan Times.

The app I use is a news aggregator. This means that it takes the news from many different websites and puts them in one place. I think this is very convenient because I don’t have to go to many different websites to get my news.

I also spend a lot of time using my Reddit app. Reddit is a public message board site. A message board is a type of SNS site where the public can post their own opinions on various topics. Reddit is a large message board site with many message boards on almost any topic. I usually like to post on political, social and philosophical topics.

On Reddit, I sometimes have a problem with trolls. The word troll originally meant a type of giant monster. Now “Troll” is an Internet word for someone who either chooses to post false information or tries to be annoying and rude. I hate trolls.

If I’m not too tired, I sometimes use an app called “Tangoristo”. “Tangoristo” has news articles written is simple Japanese and Japanese children’s stories. I can listen to the news first and then I can read it. It lets me practice my Japanese and learn new vocabulary. The app has a built-in dictionary so if I don’t know a word I can tap the word and get the definition.

The app also allows the user to change the kanji level so that you can also practice Kanji. For example, I can understand very easy kanji like”食” or”人”, but I cannot understand more advanced kanji. I set the app so that for easy kanji it just shows the kanji but for more advanced kanji it shows the furigana.

The final app that I sometimes use during my commute is a Sudoku app. Sudoku is a logic puzzle game. There is a grid with numbers in it. The numbers are 1-9 but some of the numbers are missing. The goal of the game is to figure out what numbers are missing and fill in the correct numbers to solve the puzzle. Some of the puzzles are quite easy but the more difficult puzzles can take a very long time to solve.

I think using smartphone apps is a very common and useful way to pass the time on a commute. In the past I would have read a magazine or book on the train but with a smartphone I can keep myself entertained easily.



junkie (n) – someone who has a dependency on or an addiction to something or wants to do something very much
philosophical (adj.) – relating to the study or writing of ideas about our existence, reality or the meaning of life
built-in (adj.) – included as part of the main structure of something
logic (n) – the use of reason, or the science of using reason
grid (n) – a pattern or structure made from horizontal and vertical lines crossing each other to form squares
pass (the) time (idiom) – to spend time doing something