Do you prefer touristy places or places off the beaten track?

When travelling anywhere, there are a lot of different factors that should be kept in mind. These factors vary from the simple things such as how you are travelling to your destination and what currency you will need there. Other factors are more important I think, such as what you can do at your destination and whether or not you`ll enjoy it! Why travel somewhere which you would not have fun in or like? Unless it`s for business or an event that you have no choice but to attend, you should always go somewhere that you`ll greatly enjoy.

A big issue with this that many people disagree on is which is better: places designed for tourists, or places that do not have tourists in mind at all? This is a highly debatable topic, but personally I prefer places that are off the beaten track, for many reasons. Firstly, these places are more authentic or realistic. It is in these places that you can see how the locals really act and behave, which is very different than in these touristy areas. Some places may not be as open or accepting of tourists, but many places will be happy to have you there and may even try to befriend you. Unfortunately, these areas may be difficult to traverse due to language difficulties, or you may even be the victim of a crime, but this is not always the case, of course. Even if people do not speak your language, quite often they`ll try to speak to you in English. Be careful where you go, but sometimes you`ll find these areas more enjoyable and exciting.

On the other hand, touristy places are very popular for rather obvious reasons. They are perfect for relaxing and letting go of your worries and stress. For many people, the ideal vacation isn’t about where you go, or what there is to see and do there, but the opportunity to sit by the beach or by a pool and relax in the sun. Touristy places are often perfect for this and locals there will often be able to speak your language so that you can order food or drinks, or to ask for anything comfortably. Sometimes, this is a preferable experience because going off the beaten track can be uncomfortable or unnerving for some people, and the experience can be amazing or terrible depending on how events unfold. For many people, going abroad or just somewhere different is the perfect remedy when life gets busy or stressful, so being able to relax and do pretty much anything you want can be the best feeling in the world.

It is clear to see that there are many pros and cons for both touristy places and for places that are not, but it`s up to you how exciting or relaxing your trip is. However, you can make it an exciting and relaxing trip but that depends on a lot of factors. If it`s somewhere new, it`ll always be exciting in my opinion. Why not take a trip off the beaten track, and see where life takes you?


currency (noun) – a type of money [e.g. yen, dollar, won, etc.] authentic (adjective) – real, original
traverse (verb) – to move or travel across; to try something challenging
unnerving (adjective) – uncomfortable; making one lose confidence
remedy (noun) – cure; medicine; fix