A lot of people argue that being born into wealth and cruising through life on easy mode is unfulfilling and will leave you empty inside. That is a load of garbage and is what poor people say to make themselves feel better. I think living an easy life would be amazing. Being able to throw money at your problems and have them magically disappear is the dream.


Overcoming challenges is so cool. Imagine that we’re playing a fighting game like Street Fighter; you are using the best character and I am using the worst character. If you beat me there is nothing amazing about it, but if I beat you, then you really suck and I am the best.

Along those lines, no one respects someone born into wealth that “takes over” their parents’ company, but everyone respects someone who came from nothing and rose to the top. That is why no one respects Donald Trump as a businessman or an entrepreneur, but everyone respects Jay Z.

I am honestly jealous of anyone given more opportunities than I. I would love cruising through life doing whatever I wanted to do and never working a real job, but after it is all over, that sort of life does not make for a good story. When we are old and when we die, all we leave behind is our legacy and stories about us, and a life of overcoming challenges is definitely more interesting.



unfulfilling (adjective) ? making someone unhappy and not satisfied
overcome (verb) ? defeat; succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty
legacy (noun) ? your history that you leave behind