How I Met My Best Friend

Music is a great way to bring people together. It’s a common topic of interest that can spark a conversation at a dull party or on a lifeless date. So it might not be a big surprise that many people have actually met people through the medium of music. One example would be me.

When I was in university, I studied Japanese and was a member of the Japanese club. In the Japanese club, there was a very small dance group. Now, as a shy person, I was not at all interested in ever being a part of any dance club. However, in order to combat my shyness and make friends, I decided to join. Even though I was lackluster in dancing I tried my best. I danced Soran Bushi as well as Yosakoi. In addition the group made a melody of K-pop with Japanese lyrics, with groups such as Big Bang and TVXQ. It was through this that I became interested in K-pop. And I became obsessed! I looked up videos on the Internet and bought different types of goods. It was my latest guilty pleasure.

Eventually, in the autumn of 2012, Big Bang made their way to the United States. I was so excited and I immediately bought tickets. Not just any tickets, but VIP tickets! It meant I was able to stand in the front and see them up close. But…the problem was that I didn’t have any friends to go with…and in fact I was living in Florida at the time but the concert was in New York, so I had to make the trip there all by myself. Anyway, pushing my first-time jitters aside, I was able to make the trip all the way to the other end of America.

Being so excited to finally go see my favorite group, I went to the venue as early as possible and waited in line all on my own. Everything was fascinating and thrilling but waiting was so dull. That’s when I met my would-be best friend. In front of me were two girls who were just as big of fans as I was. They spoke to me first and we instantly clicked. It was amazing! We talked about other groups we loved and one girl, whose name was Jessica, showed me her tattoos that she had gotten in honor of her favorite idols. Music had brought us together. Maybe it was fate or luck, but from that day forward, after we exchanged phone numbers and other ways of contacting each other, we have been talking every day. I can tell her absolutely anything and everything at any time. Like real friends, we have fought but made up. Despite liking different groups, we have always supported each other and listened to each other’s words. Instead of being just a friend, she has been a sister to me. In fact, in a tough time in my life, she offered me financial support. And she knows, no matter the circumstances, I will always be there for her.



lifeless (adj.) ? lacking spirit, interest, or energy
combat (v) ? to try to stop something from happening or from getting worse
guilty pleasure (n phr.) ? an activity or piece of media that someone enjoys but would be embarrassed by if other people found out about it
jitters (n) ? a very nervous feeling
click (v) ? to become friends, to like and understand each other