General Information

General Information

Company Profile

OneUP English School not only provides individually tailored one-on-one lessons to our clients at one of our six school locations but is also engaged in a variety of corporate endeavors. These ventures include things such as corporate contracts, offsite training, industry-specific offsite English courses, among others.

OneUP has teamed up with several large corporations to improve the English ability and communication skills of their employees. Through these corporate contracts, participating employees study English at one of our school locations with the aim of building up their language skills to prepare them for the variety of business situations in which they will need to use English at work.

OneUP has recently become more involved in providing training services to companies hiring recent graduates. This involves going offsite to the companies’ offices to provide English and business skills training for new company employees.

Currently, we are participating in a joint venture with a marketing communications company called Sendenkaigi to offer a ‘Marketing English’ course specifically geared towards business professionals in the industry.

OneUP English school falls under the umbrella of the J-MAX corporation. Under another branch of this corporation is a traditional Japanese arts school called Hisui. Here, one can try writing Japanese calligraphy, wear a kimono, practice the tea ceremony or try one’s hand at “batto”, a traditional sword-wielding practice.


We currently have six OneUP school locations. They are in Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Ginza, Ebisu, Tokyo Yaesu and Yokohama. All of our schools are conveniently located minutes away from popular subway or JR-line stations. While a preference as to location may be given, we ask that our instructors be willing to work at any of the six locations.

Business Hours

Shinjuku School12pm – 9pm
Shinagawa School1pm – 10pm
Ginza School12pm – 9pm
Ebisu School12pm – 9pm
TokyoYaesu School1pm – 10pm
Yokohama School12pm – 9pm
【Weekends & National Holidays All schools】
10am – 7pm
**TokyoYaesu school is closed on Sundays and national holidays.

Office Atmosphere

A typical day at OneUP – Working at OneUP means working alongside a group of talented and dedicated individuals. A typical day here would start by arriving prior to your lessons to prepare.

The office is a supportive environment where everyone is friendly and willing to help answer any questions you may have. New instructors will have the extra support of the senior teaching staff, who will eagerly assist you in your preparation and ensure everything you need is ready to go before teaching. They are also there to provide helpful advice and teaching tips to make your lessons go more smoothly and be more enjoyable.

Once all preparation is finished and it is time to teach, instructors make their way to the lobby to meet their clients and take them to one of our private, stylish lesson rooms.

After a 50 minute lesson with one of our friendly clients, instructors come back into the office to fill out their comments on the lesson and complete their paperwork before getting everything together to be ready to go out for their next lesson at the top of the hour.

During downtime you will have the opportunity to get to know your co-workers and enjoy conversing with other instructors and Japanese staff in the office.