OneUP has many exciting events that instructors, J-staff and clients can enjoy throughout the year. We organize these events to inspire and motivate our clients and to provide them the opportunity to use English and have a good time outside of a classroom setting. Some of our most popular events are:

Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas event is usually held in an upscale restaurant in a popular area of Tokyo. Past events have been held in Ginza, Aoyama, and Marunouchi. Some of the instructors and Japanese staff perform (sing and play) popular songs and there are always some fun games to look forward to with prizes for the winning team.

BBQ Bus Tour

In August we pack up all the BBQ utensils, food, and people into 4 or 5 buses and drive out to Okutama to enjoy a day of sun, fun and lots of delicious barbecued food. There is also skipping, watermelon smashing, splashing around in the creek as well as other fun activities.

Sakura Night

This event is a chance to go to the renown “Happo-En” Japanese garden and event space, in Shirokanedai to enjoy a splendid night of cherry blossom viewing from the elegant party room or spacious balcony. This is a rather formal event and a great chance to dress up and enjoy exquisite dishes and beautiful scenery with our clients.

Halloween Party

In October, staff, instructors and our clients dress up in scary and fun costumes and celebrate at one of our elaborately decorated Ebisu or Shinjuku schools. There are always fun activities happening, for example magic shows, games, and a “Best Dressed” awards with prizes to be won. The Halloween party allows us to relax and enjoy a casual event in an intimate setting. Clients, instructors and staff bring snacks and treats to share potluck style.

Feel English!

Held approximately once every two months, Feel English is an event put on in conjunction with the British pub, the HUB. Here clients, as well as prospective clients, come to drink, eat and share their opinions on a discussion topic in English. Instructors are also able to enjoy HUB fare while supporting the clients in the discussion and sharing their own opinions on the topic.

Instructors’ Appreciation Day

Once a year, OneUP holds a party, exclusively for its staff (Japanese staff and instructors) to show its appreciation for their hardwork and dedication throughout the year. It’s a night where everyone can relax, have fun and enjoy each other’s company with food, drinks and prizes.