Unanswered Question

Unanswered Question

I have a question Japan. I have lived here for 10 years and in that time I’ve come across many situations and sights that have made me wonder. However, there is one question I have that no one I ask seems to be able to adequately answer. What’s with all the random plastic bottles filled with water placed outside of houses and local shops?

There seems to be no consensus as to why they are there. They are such eyesores and yet from the trendiest of Tokyo suburbs to the heart of the Saitama countryside I see these bottles just sitting there, year round, collecting dust. Are they for emergency water supplies? Are they for fire prevention or containment? Did you all just miss PET bottle pick up day and decided this was a clever way to dispose of them?

My Internet searches have not been fruitful and I have been unable to find anything save for a few other hapless people, Japanese and non-Japanese, who have the same question. If you could shed any light on this please let me know.