Tips For How To Be Romantic

Tips For How To Be Romantic

Many people have ideas as to what constitutes romanticism; the old fashioned idea of an expensive gift is still popular. People often have grandiose ideas like taking someone on a holiday or buying them something ridiculously expensive like a new car or a diamond necklace.

However, there’s a certain level of impersonality to these kinds of gifts, they often feel lazy or leave the receiver feeling awkward and unsure of how to respond.

One of the most romantic things that can be done, in my opinion, is to offer support to your partner, whether that is something as big as helping them to follow their dreams or as small as just going for a walk together to distract them from a stressful day. Showing affection, in my experience, is more appreciated when they don’t place any expectations on the other person in the relationship. Many times relationships can end up in a situation that is almost like an “I do something for you, you do something for me” barter system, which most times ends poorly and doesn’t sound romantic at all!

If you want to be romantic, it can be as simple a gesture as making an effort to listen to what your partner is unhappy about after a long work day or breaking your diet together with a high calorie sweet, because they just need it. The main thing to remember is not to treat relationships like a transaction where you put gifts in and receive rewards, but to just be kind and supportive to one another.

Having said all that, sometimes a gift or dinner out doesn’t hurt; it’s the thought behind it that counts!



constitute (v) – to make, form or to be regarded as something
grandiose (adj.) – large and often more complicated than necessary
impersonality (n) – a lack of emotional involvement
barter (v) – to trade by exchange of goods or services (rather than by the use of money)
gesture (n) – an action to express an idea, feeling or meaning
transaction (n) – a business deal or agreement (such as the act of buying or selling something)