A Fear I’ve Conquered and How I Did It

A fear I’ve conquered and how I did it

Although anyone can feel anxious, when in excess, you may suffer from an anxiety disorder. There are situations in which people may consider feeling anxious as being normal or common such as giving a presentation in front of a large crowd or meeting a significant other’s family for the first time. However, if you develop the feeling of anxiety in simple or normal everyday situations such as leaving your house, talking to another person or even having to make a phone call to order pizza then you may be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Over the years, I had developed people anxiety in which talking to another person, walking in crowds of people or even being looked at (or worse, being stared at) would give me an immense feeling of anxiety. Being overwhelmed by anxiety may cause an attack called an anxiety attack. This may be one, all or a combination of any number of specific symptoms such as shallow breathing, feeling like you can’t breathe, sweating, trembling, feeling nervous, feeling nauseous, vomiting and being unable to think clearly or at all. The symptoms may even get worse if you feel you are having an attack in a situation that is considered normal and you may be judged by others or feel embarrassed for having an anxiety attack.

Instead of giving in and simply avoiding situations involving people (which is impossible), I decided to counter my attacks. Firstly, I did this by finding out the start and cause of my nervousness around people. This may require the help of a therapist or this can be done by simply overcoming negative thoughts one might have of oneself. The feeling of “what if” or “what if I’m not good enough” is no good. Instead, find things you love about yourself and begin to think thoughts like “so what”. Embarrassing moments happen to everyone and though they feel like a lifetime in that moment, they are remembered for only a short while. In short, to overcome your fear, find out why you fear something and you can go from there to correct that feeling.



anxiety (n) – fear or nervousness about what might happen
overwhelmed (adj.) – to feel or be overpowered by a sudden, strong emotion
in short (phr.) – to sum up; briefly