Instructor’s Essay


Salsa NEW!

SalsaIf you’d ever met me, you would have soon discovered that I have many hobbies, one of which is dancing, in particular Latin dances, …

World Cup

World CupEvery four years, I get swept up in World Cup fever. Along with approximately 3 billion viewers worldwide, I’m glued to my television screen…

Hiking the Great Wall of China

denshijishoTwo years ago I had the unique pleasure of joining a special tour group which was going to hike the Great Wall of China…

Denshijisho Dishes

denshijishoLong ago when I was an exchange student in Japan I had made it a goal to learn how to cook Japanese food. …

Rollerskating at Tokyo Dome

rollerskatingThis past Sunday, I went rollerskating at Tokyo Dome; rollerblading to be precise.I can’t remember the last time …

My hobby

beerA hobby is something that you enjoy doing, but it’s also something you get better at the longer you do it …

My Adventure buying a bed

bedThe mattress I had been using previously was getting old and the springs were losing their tension …

We’ll take the next one

beerOne of the things I appreciate most about living in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area is …

Okonomiyaki Recipe

cookimgThe other day on my way home from work I was listening to music and daydreaming when my eyes fell on a beer poster …